Why is the pilates ball so good for you

Pilates ball was first used by a group of medical therapists from Switzerland as a support during exercise.

The Pilates ball is a large plastic ball, that you can use to train core stability and balance.

You can now find pilates balls in a variety of sizes, colors and material. currently used pilates ball very widely used as exercise equipment to strengthen the major muscles of the body.

You can do pilates exercises on ball, You can also use dumbbells or other weights when training with the ball.

These balls are also a fun toy for kids because the ball has a soft texture and usually very attractive colors. You can in good conscience let the children play with the balls because they will not cause the children any harm (do not do it near the ornamental things just).

Pilates developed specially for use in rehabilitation.
These balls train the muscles that you usually can not do with regular exercises. Your body will react instinctively to keep the balance of the round ball.

Train on the ball is good to strengthen your stomach and back (bålmusk on). It will also improve your strength, coordination, demeanor, balance and flexibility. When we move on us, we use the trunk muscles to stabilize our spine, therefore, Pilates ball can help prevent back pain and back problems. People with back pain can ease their pain by working out on pilates ball.

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