Training with barbell

Training with barbell: Curl

here comes your triceps muscles and biceps muscles to work. All you need is a barbell for this exercise. Stand in one place with your feet on the shoulder wide distance , lifting the barbell from the hips to the shoulders.

Training with barbell: bench Press
For this exercise you need a bench. The movement is from a lying position,. Your arms should be placed about a meter apart. Lower the barbell to his chest and up again doing about 10 – 12 repeats.

Training with barbell: Incline bench Press
The only difference between this exercise and the transfer exercise is your bench is tilted about 10-25 grader.

Preacher Curl

For this exercise, you sit down in a sitting position on a curl bench can also be done standing. With the elbows want spirit of the plate parts of the barbell with hands at shoulder width distance apart, palms up. Remove and slowly pull the barbell up towards the chin.

Training with barbell: Triceps press
done in a sitting position. You start with the barbell over your head, palms out and extended elbows. You then lower the barbell to a position just behind the head.

These are some of the most recommended exercises with barbell and you can see many bodybuilders use these. Many of the exercises may seem to resemble each other with very small differences, but the difference lies in the specific muscle groups trained. Experts everywhere recommend these exercises.