Tips When you exercise with pilates ball

To train core stability safely and for optimal results on pilates ball, there are some basic important principles.

Keeping a straight line through the body through all the exercises. The key areas you need to concentrate on is the neck, shoulders and pelvis. Deviations from the straight line not only reduces efficiency, it also increases the realm of pain and injuries.

To find the straight line should be relaxed, and then stretching the neck to form an extension of the spine.
Make it right so will the posture automatically changed in several ways: chin lowered slightly, neck gets a little straighter, shoulders lowered and be relaxed, pelvis is level directly under shoulders and lower abdomen pulled up slightly.

Stretch your neck

shoulders relaxed

The hips directly under shoulders


These positions should be held either standing up, sitter, lying on his back or on stomach.

A key motion they must master is to "pull in the stomach". By taking the very bottom rung of the abdomen and back up slightly, and "scoop up" on the spine, activated sharp abdominal muscle. Continue breathing normally, do not stop breathing! This activation stabilizes the trunk and allows greater strength development of arms and legs.

To find the sharp abdominal muscles you put one hand on the lower abdomen and stretches his neck as previously described. This movement automatically pulls up the lower part of the stomach and makes the body elongates and narrows the waist. Then lift it slowly one arm over your head and hold the feeling of being long, straight and narrow waist. The stomach is then pulled up some more to prevent the spine to arch. The sharp abdominal muscles allows you to move your arms and legs and still keep the spine in a safe and effective mode.

It is very important to maintain the principle to stretch out and make slimmer, especially when the exercises are developed and become more difficult. It may be tempting to use other muscles, which gives an impression of well-trained abdominal muscles, but pulls down the chest to pubic bone. Instead, hold a constant distance between the pubic bone and the sternum- I feel like the waist compressed using not sharp abdominal muscle.

It can be difficult to get in touch with the sharp abdominal muscles and, therefore, different roads to reach them necessary in the beginning. We present here more methods to further develop awareness of these muscles.

Start by lying on your back with knees bent. Breathe out properly and take before inhaling the lower abdomen back towards the spine, as if the area below the belly button pulled back and slightly upward. Hold the contraction and continue to breathe.

If you find it difficult to breathe properly, you can lay your hands on the lower ribs and ensure that when you breathe in and you raise the ribs in his hands and when you breathe out as they sink quietly back again.This should be able to do while holding remain the "withdrawal" feeling in the lower abdominal muscles.

Lie on your back or side.
Imagine tailbone pulled toward the pubic bone, and activates muscles between them.
Then draw these muscles up as if they were in the extreme lower abdominal muscles just above blygdbenet.Håll left contraction and continue to breathe.

Stand on your hands and knees, knäfyrfota, so your hands are directly under shoulders and knees directly under the hips. Focus on the very bottom rung of the abdomen and pulling up toward the spine. Hold the contraction and continue to breathe. This is a very small muscle contraction, So when it sudden abdominal muscles are activated, the rest of the body to be relaxed, ie shoulders and ribs should not feel uncomfortable and back muscles should not be tense.


Common errors

There are many common errors that reduce the movement's effectiveness.


Note that the hips are too high lift. This is because the back muscles are used instead of the tail (gluteal). When this occurs, it is often the gluteal muscles are not strong enough and therefore not properly activated or the athlete is a bad movement patterns, which has been developed for a long time.

Weakness in the tail musculature are closely linked with back pain. If it is difficult to obtain a level position, you can try to tilt the pelvis slightly backward against them until you feel your back relax and buttocks tightened.

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