stretch Exercises

Stretching exercises are part of a good exercise program

On this page you will get plenty of great stretching exercises and information about stretching. Stretching should be performed by your heating and before your strength training. Stretching for imbalances in the muscles must be carried out before starting to overload your muscles, to ensure proper movement patterns. Intensive stretching should be done at the end of your workout.
Here are some of the benefits you get from Stretching.
• Better attitude
• Improved balance in muscles
• Reduced muscle soreness
• Increased physical performance / capacity / muscle coordination
• Improved physical well-being
• Reduced risk of injury
• Increased blood flow / nutrients
• And it feels good!

Stretching good or bad?
As usual, there is a debate about the benefits of stretching. Some experts believe that stretching after exercise is unnecessary, because the muscles relax naturally after being drawn together.
Others say even that stretching can be harmful before warming and then can lead to sprains and torn muscles. The latter is almost certainly true, but not the last.
Most exercise experts believe that it could benefit from regular flexibility training. Just as muscles can atrophy if you do not use them, the muscles, joints and ligaments lose their range of motion if you do not stretch.

The older you get, the less elastic the muscles. Stretching, however, can delay or slow down this process, and there is no physiological reason why a vigorous adult can not have the same basic agility of a younger person. So do not lose as adults away movements that were easy to perform as a child. Practice by twisting and stretching in different positions regularly, remains the body mentally and physically prepared for movement. You will also see that stretching is a wonderful tool for relaxation, then it helps to relieve the tension that builds up during the normal daily life.

Pilates ball is an excellent tool for stretching, because it helps you to adopt and maintain positions that might be impossible without the. With the ball support can gradually guide the body in the correct position without being worried about beating the joints or lose balance. As the ball gives you a great, comfortable surface to stretch on, you will see that you can stretch yourself
longer and relax more and thus derive the maximum benefit of the stretch pass. By rolling the ball in different directions, you can also easily adjust the position and feel the stretch exactly where you want.

You can perform all or some stretching exercises after you have made all the muscle strengthening exercises. You can also make a single strengthening exercises followed by a stretch exercise the same muscle and continue to change as the entire program. You can also do just stretching exercises to train agility and help to relax. Hold each stretch for 10-30 seconds - stretch exercise becomes gentle without risk of injury or hyperextension. If you plan to just stretch you have to warm up first 15 minute "fitness training" so you will be warm.

Stretching exercises are part of a good exercise program