To lose weight and keep it

Often we decide to lose weight or start exercising associated with any significant event such as a wedding or school start. The result is therefore not uncommon that you want to change during the night and decides to eat only 1000 kcal or workout 1 hour each day. The output is of course done in advance and it does not take many days before it falls out and is back to zero.

Actually, it's logical if you look at it from the top. Can you not eating nearly 2000 kcal a day (RDA) it will never work with a drastic reduction of 1000 kcal. To cite an example, you would never get you to lie on the couch in 51 weeks and then run a marathon the 52:a no, you would probably start training for several months in advance.

Therefore you need to keep a food diary

In the same way, you should think about when you want to lose weight. Do not start to drastically change your diet and instead find out where you are in the current situation. Create a food diary where you fill out the calories for the day's dishes. At first it might seem strange, but have you wave at your fingertips, you will adjust quickly, and it takes no more than 1 extra minute when you add up the food.

After a week, so you go through the book and find your worst calorie culprits. In my case it was undoubtedly the breakfast sandwiches which accounted for a large part of today's consumption. Only by replacing them with file and muesli so the difference was so great that I lost weight. Note that it is absolutely not about any starvation diet, but you simply exchange abound toward healthier products. Light products are not an option but, According to studies, a contributor to weight gain.

After your adjustments, you should be just below your recommended intake.

Start Training 5 minutes a day

I mentioned earlier that the biggest mistake people who want to lose weight do is to be over-ambitious. Ambition is evolutionarily positive thing and has helped humanity to evolve but exaggerating the risk is that it will be tough for a while is not like. Remember, Rome was not built in a day!

Therefore, we begin by practicing 5 minutes a day to get into the routine. Put on your coats and walk a lap around the block. It takes a maximum guaranteed 5 minutes and gives the body a nice energy boost of being out. The next day repeats but you go in 6 minutes. The day after that ... ... I think you understand. Instead of trying to run a marathon on the first day, you start with small dainty steps for every day grow slightly. Can you 5 minutes so can you 6. After a year, you'll have no problem taking a walk on 6 hours (365 me).

The great thing about this method is that it works at all,. Can you just by doing 10 crunches? Start of 1 and increasing progressively each day. For you it may sound incorrigible ridiculous to start 1 but after only two months, it provides an incredible performance so that you can manage the entire 120 pieces! Living healthy is not a sprint but rather a marathon that lasts throughout life.

Do not forget to you should go 10 000 steps per day!


Do not click on without determination to actually implement this. Keeping a food diary and take a walk is easy, effective and can be the difference between being severely overweight or reach your dream weight.

When the snowstorm wines and you come home tired from work, there is a risk that the motivation is tight so bookmark the blog or fill in your email to the right and return . I regularly publishes inspiring images, songs, videos and tasty recipes that are great motivation in your training and weight loss.

Set a realistic goal and start today! Please let me know so I help.

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