Pilates Ball Exercises for the back

These exercises are mainly targeted at upper and lower lats and back muscles and the trapezius.
Scroll through the list with pilates ball exercises for back muscles below:


Pilates ball exercises hyperextension - Reverse

Lie on top pilates ball himself on a bench, legs down on the reverse side of the ball, grab the bench with both hands to keep balance.
Raise both legs at the same time immersing them for a short time.
Exhale as you raise your legs and inhale when you go to the starting position.



Pilates Ball Exercises - hyperextension lower back

Lie down on a pilates ball with the knees and feet on the floor.
The ball position should be we the stomach to the lower chest region.
With hands on chest, raise the upper body about 30 cm.
go down to the starting position.
To increase the intensity, have the ball further down the hip, feet wide and with his knees in the air. Hands can be placed behind the head to further increase the resistance.
Increasing stability by placing the feet against a wall or a solid object.
2 sets 12-15 cycles.


Pilates ball exercises bridge

Huka you NER, press your shoulder blades against the Pilates ball behind you and put his hands over his chest.

Without moving your feet stretch your back until it is parallel to the floor, then lower it back after a little while.

Exhale as you stretch your back and inhale as you return to starting position.


Pilates ball exercises, alternating legs- arm

Lie on top pilates ball belly pressed against it and keep your balance with your hands and feet on the floor.

Stretch your left arm and right leg out and up and after a short while lowering them back after a short break. Alternate each side for each repetition.

Exhale as you extend your legs and your arm, inhale as you return to starting position.

Pilates Ball Exercise Superman

starting position: Lie down on the ball with your hands down at your sides. Raise both arms and legs off the floor.