Pilates ball exercises for arms

These exercises focus on biceps, triceps and outer and inner forearms.
Scroll through the list with pilates ball exercises for arms below:



Pilates ball exercises triceps

Stand up and place your forearms and hands against the Pilates ball which itself is placed against the wall in front of his chest.
Press outwards by rolling the ball toward your hands (extend arms) then return to the starting position after a short break.
focus on training the triceps.


Pilates ball exercises biceps muscle / lats

This exercise trains your lats and biceps muscles. In addition, work trunk muscles to stabilize and maintain your posture.
1. Lie face down on a pilates ball, place the ball in the lower abdomen.
2. Hold two dumbbells with the palms facing the legs.
3. Pull the dumbbells up to shoulder height.
4. Keep your back straight, chest out and head in a neutral position.
5. Press your shoulder blades together when doing this exercise.


Pilates ball Biceps - Standing

Stand up with your back to the ball, which is against the wall and hold the dumbbells down by your sides.
Raise the dumbbells towards the shoulders and slowly lower them down back after a short break.
Keep your back and upper arms still.

Pilates Ball Triceps exercise

Lie prone with forearms on top of the exercise ball, back and legs fully extended.
Push Up yourself by rolling the ball toward your hands to extend your arms and slowly lower yourself down after a short break.
Focus on practicing triceps.