Kettlebell Exercises

Everywhere there are movies, books and courses to talk up the benefits of kettlebell training. But how many of us really know what are the benefits of kettlebell? I think if more finesse enthusiasts knew about these benefits, they would be more motivated to bring the kettlebell exercises as an integral part of their training.

1. Kettlebell combines both cardio and Weight Training
One of the key benefits of kettlebell training is that a well-designed routine combines both cardio and strength training in one workout. By performing various kettlebell exercises one after another with little or no rest at all, building not only strong and sustained muscle, You also forces the body to work close to your maximum heart rate.
The result? A cardio workout that will make your so your muscles are crying out for mercy.

2. Kettlebell is a full body workout
Most kettlebell exercises involve compound movements, you. movements that involve more than one muscle. These compound movements are great because they not only develop strength, but also improve your muscular coordination and balance. Moreover, they are also good for building flexible, hard muscles because the body must adapt by becoming stronger after an intense total body workout.

3. Kettlebell is good for health and fitness
I know it's hard to define what "being in top form" exactly means. Some think distance runners, for example, marathon runners and triathletes, when they think of well-trained people. Others think weightlifters. And others say it has to be Olympic gymnasts.
In my humble opinion, it is the person who consistently and reliably works best in three areas:

· fitness
· Strength
· Flexibility

Being physically fit and in top form can not be achieved by making only one type of activity. Whatever exercises you choose, they should cover these three areas. Kettlebell training is great because it works on your cardiovascular strength, your muscle strength and your flexibility all at the same time. If you strive for balance in your training, it is this type of training a real winner.

4. Kettlebell increases mobility
A well-designed kettlebell routine will not only increase your flexibility in muscles, it also strengthens the muscles around your joints and develop stability. If you only improves your flexibility, can increase the risk of injury. You should always try to make movements that train your mobility, stability and strength to get the optimum benefits.

5. Kettlebell develops functional strength
By concentrating on the basic movement patterns, Kettlebell training helps you to develop useful functional strength. These basic exercises require your body to function as a unit instead of isolating specific muscles. I know that the bench can be fun, but actually, When was the last time you found yourself in a situation where you lay on your back and had to squeeze 100 kg from you? I think it's more likely you'll find yourself in a situation where you might need to lift something from the floor to a spot above your head.

6. Kettlebell develop core strength
Because kettlebell training forces you to engage your core muscles in most exercises, you will develop a strong, functional body. The amazing thing is that kettlebell lifting, for example the Turkish Get Up, works with both the stomach and back muscles. This prevents you from creating a muscular imbalance between the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. Also note that these exercises work out not only the superficial abdominal muscles, but even deeper, stabilizing and rotating muscles that are often difficult to train.



Exercise Description
kettlebells exercises 1 :
An Arms rowed
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Bend your hips straight back .
place one hand on an object that is about waist height to support the upper body.
Hold the kettlebell in other hand with a neutral grip and allow the arm to be perpendicular to the floor.
Keep your elbows close to your body, pull the kettlebell up to your body, shoulder blades together at the end of the movement.
Return to the initial position. Remember to keep back and head straight - remember to take it easy hyperextension, or torso rotation can cause damage.
kettlebells exercises 2 :
Alternating Floor Press
Lie on your back, have a kettlebell in each hand.
Press the kettlebell with your arms, alternately one at a time.
Rotate the torso slightly as you push up kettlebells.Upprepa with the other arm.
Ökettlebells exercises 3 ;
Ben press
Kettlebell Front Squat
Grasp the kettlebell and hold them at chest height in front of you.
Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Ha knees slightly bent.
bend at the hips and knees. Upper body can flex slightly forward during the movement Be sure to "sit back" so that your knees stay over the feet.
When your thighs are parallel to the floor, you should return to the starting position
kettlebells exercises 4;
An Arms Kettlebells Jerk
kettlebells exercises 5:
Kettlebell Swing
Kettlebell Swing
Hold a kettlebell between your legs body leaning forward with your back straight.
Swing the kettlebell back between your legs and swing sharply kettlebell forward at chest height. Keep arm straight
kettlebells exercises 6;
Kettlebells Windmill
kettlebells exercises 7;
Kettlebell Cleans
Keep your upper body straight, hips slightly bent.
Explosive raise kettlebells by extending the hips, knee and ankle in a "jumping operation".
Keep elbows out and shoulders directly above kettlebells as long as possible. Hold the kettlebell close to your body.
After you have extended the lower leg shrug and the maximum height of the axles starts to pull with the arms. Keep your elbows high during the draw until the highest point.
Rotate elbows around and under kettlebells. Rack hands across his shoulders. Slightly flex the hips and knees to absorb the weight.
This should be a fluid motion where all the steps flow together.
kettlebells exercises 8;
Exercise Description
kettlebells exercises 9;
Kettlebells Bottoms up

Stand with your feet parallel and keep in a Kettlebells with one hand.
Have Slightly curved hips and keep your back straight.
pull "swing" Kettlebells up to your chest with your arm.
Repeat with the other arm with your selected repetitions.
kettlebells exercises 10;
Kettlebells An arms golv Press

Output: Lie on the floor on her back holding a kettlebell in one hand.
Alternating with both arms, press the kettlebells in the air.
Repeat with the second arm.
kettlebells exercises 11;
Kettlebells picking strawberries

starting position: Put one arm over the head with kettlebells in hand.
Bend forward at the hips keeping your back straight touching the floor with your free hand.
Continue for the desired repetitions and repeat with the other arm.
kettlebells exercises 12;
Kettlebells Rak arm rotation

1. Begin by sitting on the ball and hold two kettlebells to the sides with straight arms.
2. Hold the kettlebells in this position, rotate the torso round about 90 grader.3. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Keep your body upright and tighten the abdominal muscles.
kettlebells exercises 13;
Kettlebells time

1. Start by keeping kettlebells in your hands.
2. one in each hand and walk 50 in step three rounds.

Kettlebells exercises
Have you ever wondered about Kettlebell exercises can take the stress out of your body(knopp)? With all of these are environmental issues and cuts, it is not surprising that many people would like to get away from life's stresses.

To remove stress,
some individuals choose unhealthy habits such as drinking, smoking and eating unhealthy food. This relieves them temporarily from stress, but it increases rather stress after a while. You also increase the risk of getting sick.

Today there is no medicine that will take away the stress, unfortunately.(Meditation / deep breathing can help combat stress)
Healthy habits will make you not only look good but also makes you feel better, but it often requires effort and money. It is therefore not practical to buy gymkortet, because of the current economic situation, we have. Luckily, there is no longer a need to visit the gym to make your body healthier. What is really needed here is some loose clothing, extra space and Kettlebells. It is so much better than having to go back and forth to the gym, worry about your clothes and money for gymkortet.

To get a trained mind and good health
you can simply make Kettlebells exercises 20 to 30 minutes three times a week. Burning fat is easy with any cardio exercise, but if you want to increase your muscle mass, then it is good to add some weights with Kettlebells. Because the extra muscle can help increase your metabolism, which will allow you to burn more fat and consume more energy which makes you lose weight faster.

Nutrients and vitamins
Exercise is not the only solution to a healthier and slimmer body. we also need enough nutrients and vitamins that we can only get from food and drink.
We must ensure that we balance all of our meals. After the meal, there is nothing better than to relieve your stress than doing practice drills. It removes all the negative things in our body.

Training Equipment
If you prefer to use the exercise equipment in your fitness program, but find it difficult to find a, then you can research or even better, use Kettlebells to replace them all.