Walk, Nordic walking vs running?

Walk, Nordic walking and running are common forms of exercise, but the three forms of exercise does not fit all. It is important to choose the right types of exercise to get maximum results. We review the advantages and disadvantages and sorts out which exercise to choose?

During the majority of human history, the walk has been important. When we lived as gatherers and hunters, we often had to walk many kilometers. Our endurance at that time is huge. We can, if required, is in good shape and have food with us to walk almost any distance without pause. Man is built for walking.

Build up your body with time
Walking is a good form of exercise to build up a basic shape and help with weight loss. The risk of injury is small and it is easy to get walks of everyday life.

The health benefits of walking comes early and is large. The risk of a premature death can be reduced by almost 50% just by a few walks per week. But go rather to a daily walk to increase fat burning, strengthen muscles and get better oxygenation.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking was developed in the 50s in Finland as a summer training for cross country skiers. In the US, Nordic walking now one of the most popular forms of exercise in Finland are over 1 million practitioners.

Nordic walking improves fitness and strengthen muscles and bones in your arms, shoulders, back and legs.

Fat loss is high because many muscles are activated. The same goes for fitness. Combustion for a Nordic walking workouts will rise by nearly 20% in one day, and the secret is precisely that several major muscle groups activated.

Nordic walking is kind of body

The great advantage of Nordic Walking is especially the muscles is evenly loaded. You will therefore not get tired as early and can keep for a long time.

The risk of damage is less than the time since the load is distributed over a larger area in the rods. You get extra support with rods and therefore does not fall as easily.

The high fat-burning and the low risk of injury Nordic Walking is the perfect form of exercise for overweight and older.

In many cities, there are free courses in Nordic walking. It is recommended because it is good if you get the right technology early.


Running is a form of exercise the turbo. You burn calories and fat fast and works with many major muscle groups. Running gives quick results when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

It is usually claimed that you extend the life of a little more than ten minutes for each kilometer you run. It may well be true. It is hard to become overweight when you run regularly. It also strengthens the immune system and the risk of diabetes and other diseases decreases.

In order to maintain fitness and weight, regular exercise. This is more difficult to cope with running. For your health, it is better to take a walk every day than you run once a week.

Running is good for the brain

If you have problems with anxiety and depression are the run one of the best types of exercise. Combine it with strength training for maximum results. The run does boost endorphins, cannabioler and other nice neurotransmitters.

It also reduces the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisone.

Learn to walk before you run,

The risk of injury from running is clear if you are untrained. Before you start running, you must build up muscles, skeletal and conditioning. Walking and Nordic walking are excellent choices for this.

When the basic condition has been reached and you want to start running, it is important to alternate between walking and running during workout. The risk of injury is of course still there and you therefore need to distribute the load between more muscles. Walking and Nordic walking does this for you.

If you have problems with joints are running the wrong form of exercise. Switch and combine instead of once, Nordic walking and cycling.

Runners high

Walk, Nordic walking and running, all three give the runners high. Runners high means that the body unleashes neurotransmitters that provide a pleasant mood. No one knows for sure what causes runners-high but several hormones and neurotransmitters are believed to play a role.

Probably it is part of so-called. endorphins which have an effect related to the narcotic opiates (codeine, morfin m.fl.). The effect of endorphins can be located in the body and exert its effect outside the central nervous system.

The argument for this is that endorphins are unable to cross the brain-blood barrier. Although they do not cross into the brain perceives we are still their effect. It is also possible that endorphins are released in the brain and exerts an act by the.

Probably the body releases also the body's own cannabioler. These topics are related to the active ingredients in cannabis. Cannabiolerna unleashed when you finish a hard workout. The calming effect, you know where the muscles and the mind relaxes believed to be due to these.

At a certain type of exercise the body releases more serotonin than otherwise. This applies in particular to control training.

Overzealous bodybuilders often take supplements with the amino acid tyrosine to reduce the production of serotonin and instead increase production of dopamine as serotonin can make you tired and tough so that you can not manage to work out as long. Most estimates, however, an extra dose of serotonin. What is the role that serotonin may play runners-high is relatively unexplored.

Runners high is easiest to run

It is faster to achieve high runners with running than walking and Nordic walking. There are many theories about this, but the principle should be that the body simply charged more, making the reward more important.

If you've got runners high before, it is much easier to get it back. Before you receive your first runners high, you may have to tear the races many months. It is easier to get the runners high, the longer you run. Speed ​​is less important.

What shoes you choose can play a role in how easily the first experience will. There seems to be a connection between the right soles of the feet and runners high, even if no one know for sure how. One theory is that blood cells are broken in the soles get endorphins to be unleashed.

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