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Ten foods for faster weight loss

There are foods that can give your weight loss an extra push forward. The basic premise is that you eat a good diet and exercise regularly. We go through the 10 best foods for quick weight loss.

Weight control requires exercise and permanent changes in diet and lifestyle. The following foods can be combined with it, add extra speed to weight loss.

Hot spices increases fat burning
Cayenne pepper and other hot spices increases fat burning. The name comes from the city of Cayenne in French Guiana. Cayenne pepper is rich in red dyes, Vitamin C and B vitamins. Cayenne pepper speeds up the metabolism and fat burning.

Green tea speeds up weight loss
Green tea increases fat burning by using the small amount of caffeine found. Green tea increases the body temperature through other mechanisms. Overall, the result is that you burn more calories if you drink green tea. Green tea protects against some of the harmful effects that obesity can lead to and the stress of dieting can lead to the body.

Hoodia gordonii suppresses appetite
Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. Hoodia Gordonii is a fairly effective appetite suppressant with a long local tradition. The effect is confirmed in modern studies.

Psyllium is rich in fibers
Psyllium makes a gel in the stomach created by the water soluble fibers. The gel makes you feel fuller, helps bring cholesterol and lowers the GI value of other foods.

Fish oil helps slimming
Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids shown to facilitate weight loss. Vegetarian options are hemp- and linseed oil. Fish oil is also proven to increase muscle growth. Increased muscle mass can make weight loss easier.

A diet rich in calcium has been shown to facilitate weight loss and makes it easier to maintain weight. The calcium in dairy products can be better than vegetarian sources. Buy the leanest option.

Ginger and turmeric
Ginger and turmeric are individually good food for obesity. The increases fat loss and protects the body. To speed up the fat burning mixed 1 teaspoon each of turmeric and ginger together with yogurt and a teaspoon citric.

Yogurt, vinegar and citric Slightly acidic foods like yogurt, vinegar and citric acid means that it takes a bit longer before carbohydrate is absorbed from the intestines. These foods therefore lowers the GI value of a meal.

The Pouch trick

Imagine that you put a slice white bread in a bag with lukewarm water. After five minutes, the slice of bread transformed into a watery mess that does not look particularly appetizing.. Do the same thing with a slice of sourdough bread or whole wheat bread. After five minutes have hardly anything happened and bread plate looks almost like when you put it in the bag.

the Pouch trick is a simple illustration of what happens in the stomach. French bread that quickly dissolved has high GI, while wholemeal bread has significantly lower GI. Using påstricket you will quickly see that the mashed potatoes, they cooked snabbmakaronerna and many cereal varieties are appallingly high GI. The cooking method may also affect the GI value, paste eaten aldente, i.e. shorter cooking time than the lower GI overcooked pasta etc..

Weight loss fast tip

As described in the section Weight loss as the foundation to lose weight pretty easily. The challenge is to translate this into practice. This is where the dieter enters. A diet designed to the simple rules show what, how and when one should be eaten and through it to create an energy deficit.

Some diets will accomplish this by focusing on the hearty food, as lågkolhydratsdieter, others through regular insulin levels (t.ex. GI-cost).

It is said that all means are good except the bad, and it is precisely for this reason that this page. The idea is to present unbiased information about the most popular diets and help our visitors make the choice about what advice to suit you and your goal to lose weight.

How do you do to reduce weight?
The most important thing is to find a diet that you can stick. Some do very well on a normal calorie reduction (simply eat less for more control). Others want simple tips that you can keep in daily life.
Best, then, to perhaps test a diet, how you are doing it and then evaluate if it's right for you. Several guidelines are presented below: Dieter

Also, be prepared to try the diet for a long period. Often does not show results immediately and can train at the same time it can t.o.m. Be that weight increases (because you also build muscle).

The mirror is preferable to wave to determine whether losing weight or not. Your weight may go both up and down depending on, among other things. water levels and the percentage of stored sugar in muscles.
More secure way to determine if the diet works presented during weight track.

It should also be mentioned that how well a diet may be, it is difficult to get quick results. Often people hope to be able to lose several kilos in a week but unfortunately this is not realistic.
A frequently used numbers on how much you should lose weight is around half a kilo a week. It is possible under certain conditions, especially for obese people, to go down more, but weight loss over a kg a week is hard to cope. Some tips to quickly lose weight, see page, but changing eating habits and long-term approach is preferable to yo-yo dieting.

Read more under the heading Weight Loss for more information.

To lose weight and keep it

Often we decide to lose weight or start exercising associated with any significant event such as a wedding or school start. The result is therefore not uncommon that you want to change during the night and decides to eat only 1000 kcal or workout 1 hour each day. The output is of course done in advance and it does not take many days before it falls out and is back to zero.

Actually, it's logical if you look at it from the top. Can you not eating nearly 2000 kcal a day (RDA) it will never work with a drastic reduction of 1000 kcal. To cite an example, you would never get you to lie on the couch in 51 weeks and then run a marathon the 52:a no, you would probably start training for several months in advance.

Therefore you need to keep a food diary

In the same way, you should think about when you want to lose weight. Do not start to drastically change your diet and instead find out where you are in the current situation. Create a food diary where you fill out the calories for the day's dishes. At first it might seem strange, but have you wave at your fingertips, you will adjust quickly, and it takes no more than 1 extra minute when you add up the food.

After a week, so you go through the book and find your worst calorie culprits. In my case it was undoubtedly the breakfast sandwiches which accounted for a large part of today's consumption. Only by replacing them with file and muesli so the difference was so great that I lost weight. Note that it is absolutely not about any starvation diet, but you simply exchange abound toward healthier products. Light products are not an option but, According to studies, a contributor to weight gain.

After your adjustments, you should be just below your recommended intake.

Start Training 5 minutes a day

I mentioned earlier that the biggest mistake people who want to lose weight do is to be over-ambitious. Ambition is evolutionarily positive thing and has helped humanity to evolve but exaggerating the risk is that it will be tough for a while is not like. Remember, Rome was not built in a day!

Therefore, we begin by practicing 5 minutes a day to get into the routine. Put on your coats and walk a lap around the block. It takes a maximum guaranteed 5 minutes and gives the body a nice energy boost of being out. The next day repeats but you go in 6 minutes. The day after that ... ... I think you understand. Instead of trying to run a marathon on the first day, you start with small dainty steps for every day grow slightly. Can you 5 minutes so can you 6. After a year, you'll have no problem taking a walk on 6 hours (365 me).

The great thing about this method is that it works at all,. Can you just by doing 10 crunches? Start of 1 and increasing progressively each day. For you it may sound incorrigible ridiculous to start 1 but after only two months, it provides an incredible performance so that you can manage the entire 120 pieces! Living healthy is not a sprint but rather a marathon that lasts throughout life.

Do not forget to you should go 10 000 steps per day!


Do not click on without determination to actually implement this. Keeping a food diary and take a walk is easy, effective and can be the difference between being severely overweight or reach your dream weight.

When the snowstorm wines and you come home tired from work, there is a risk that the motivation is tight so bookmark the blog or fill in your email to the right and return . I regularly publishes inspiring images, songs, videos and tasty recipes that are great motivation in your training and weight loss.

Set a realistic goal and start today! Please let me know so I help.

Exercise before breakfast

To take a walk of about 30 minutes, occasionally doing a good. Everybody knows(?)

But if you're looking to rage in weight, tag denna promenad varje morgon innan frukost! Then held the fat burning on top throughout the day. Then should the course, the breakfast contain useful options. Yoghurt och frosties samt en macka med ett lager leverpastej må vara mycket smaskigt, men inte lika sunt. Tänk på det.

Det viktiga är alltså att röra på sig innan frukosten. Det måste ju inte vara just en 30-minuters promenad. Att alternera med cykeln ger trevlig omväxling. Ladda MP3-spelaren full med musik och ge dig iväg. Testa detta i ett par veckor, utan att fuska! Då lovar jag att du kommer se fin-fina resultat. Och när du väl har lyckats med detta i två veckor, varför sluta? (Det tar ca en månad att skapa rutiner.)

Lycka till!

So you want to lose weight fast?

Is it fair that you should lose all those pounds in a few weeks?

There are several reasons not to lose weight fast but rather haste slowly.
Ur ett hälsoperspektiv så kan det vara påfrestande för hjärtat att gå ner i vikt snabbt.
Fetterna som lösgörs ur fettdepåerna kan bli för mycket och risken för infarkt kan öka.

En annan risk med att gå ner i vikt snabbt är att ofta så äter man ytterst lite eller ingenting för att gå ner i vikt.
Det kan leda till att man bränner muskelmassa vilket kan vara förödande då det är musklerna som bränner fett i kroppen.

En minskning av musklerna bidrar till att det kan vara svårare att bibehålla vikten.
Du har säkert hört de som sagt “Jag gick ner x kg men gick upp det dubbla när jag slutade”.

Det är ett resultat av minskad muskelmassa. Man vill bibehålla muskelmassan även om man går ner i vikt snabbt.

Alternativ till att gå ner i vikt snabbt

Så vad ska man då göra istället?
Om du kan se ditt mål att gå ner i vikt snabbt över ett längre perspektiv, då ökar chansen att nå ditt mål.
Om du kan tänka dig att gå ner i vikt långsamt så har du större möjligheter att bli kvar i den vikt du vill uppnå.
Om du ändå går upp lika mycket eller mer än du gick ner så är den “snabba” tiden ändå bortkastad eftersom du trots dina “plågor” ändå hamnar på samma vikt eller i värsta fall högre vikt.

En bra början till att gå ner i vikt men ändå bibehålla muskelmassan är att titta över sitt kostintag. Om du minskar exempelvis godis, läsk, saft och liknande som snack och chips så har du kommit en bra bit framåt.

Se sedan över ditt vanliga mat-intag. Finns det något du kan minska på? Något du kan byta ut nåt mot något motsvarande? Exempel på saker man bör minska på är kolhydrat-rika delar i maten. Så som potatis, pasta och raffinerat ris.
Byt hellre ut pastan mot fullkornsvarianten eller avstå helt. Ris bör vara rå-ris eller fullkornsris.
Ett bra alternativ till potatismos är rotmos eller blomkålsmos.

Så vill du fortfarande gå ner i vikt snabbt?

Om du fortfarande är fast besluten om att du ska gå ner i vikt snabbt så vill jag avslutningsvis ändå råda dig till att försöka äta tillräckligt med proteinrik mat så att du inte förlorar din muskelmassa. För när du ändå jobbat hårt med att gå ner i vikt så vill du ju inte behöva börja om, right?