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Walk, Nordic walking vs running?

Walk, Nordic walking and running are common forms of exercise, but the three forms of exercise does not fit all. It is important to choose the right types of exercise to get maximum results. We review the advantages and disadvantages and sorts out which exercise to choose?

During the majority of human history, the walk has been important. When we lived as gatherers and hunters, we often had to walk many kilometers. Our endurance at that time is huge. We can, if required, is in good shape and have food with us to walk almost any distance without pause. Man is built for walking.

Build up your body with time
Walking is a good form of exercise to build up a basic shape and help with weight loss. The risk of injury is small and it is easy to get walks of everyday life.

The health benefits of walking comes early and is large. The risk of a premature death can be reduced by almost 50% just by a few walks per week. But go rather to a daily walk to increase fat burning, strengthen muscles and get better oxygenation.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking was developed in the 50s in Finland as a summer training for cross country skiers. In the US, Nordic walking now one of the most popular forms of exercise in Finland are over 1 million practitioners.

Nordic walking improves fitness and strengthen muscles and bones in your arms, shoulders, back and legs.

Fat loss is high because many muscles are activated. The same goes for fitness. Combustion for a Nordic walking workouts will rise by nearly 20% in one day, and the secret is precisely that several major muscle groups activated.

Nordic walking is kind of body

The great advantage of Nordic Walking is especially the muscles is evenly loaded. You will therefore not get tired as early and can keep for a long time.

The risk of damage is less than the time since the load is distributed over a larger area in the rods. You get extra support with rods and therefore does not fall as easily.

The high fat-burning and the low risk of injury Nordic Walking is the perfect form of exercise for overweight and older.

In many cities, there are free courses in Nordic walking. It is recommended because it is good if you get the right technology early.


Running is a form of exercise the turbo. You burn calories and fat fast and works with many major muscle groups. Running gives quick results when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

It is usually claimed that you extend the life of a little more than ten minutes for each kilometer you run. It may well be true. It is hard to become overweight when you run regularly. It also strengthens the immune system and the risk of diabetes and other diseases decreases.

In order to maintain fitness and weight, regular exercise. This is more difficult to cope with running. For your health, it is better to take a walk every day than you run once a week.

Running is good for the brain

If you have problems with anxiety and depression are the run one of the best types of exercise. Combine it with strength training for maximum results. The run does boost endorphins, cannabioler and other nice neurotransmitters.

It also reduces the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisone.

Learn to walk before you run,

The risk of injury from running is clear if you are untrained. Before you start running, you must build up muscles, skeletal and conditioning. Walking and Nordic walking are excellent choices for this.

When the basic condition has been reached and you want to start running, it is important to alternate between walking and running during workout. The risk of injury is of course still there and you therefore need to distribute the load between more muscles. Walking and Nordic walking does this for you.

If you have problems with joints are running the wrong form of exercise. Switch and combine instead of once, Nordic walking and cycling.

Runners high

Walk, Nordic walking and running, all three give the runners high. Runners high means that the body unleashes neurotransmitters that provide a pleasant mood. No one knows for sure what causes runners-high but several hormones and neurotransmitters are believed to play a role.

Probably it is part of so-called. endorphins which have an effect related to the narcotic opiates (codeine, morfin m.fl.). The effect of endorphins can be located in the body and exert its effect outside the central nervous system.

The argument for this is that endorphins are unable to cross the brain-blood barrier. Although they do not cross into the brain perceives we are still their effect. It is also possible that endorphins are released in the brain and exerts an act by the.

Probably the body releases also the body's own cannabioler. These topics are related to the active ingredients in cannabis. Cannabiolerna unleashed when you finish a hard workout. The calming effect, you know where the muscles and the mind relaxes believed to be due to these.

At a certain type of exercise the body releases more serotonin than otherwise. This applies in particular to control training.

Overzealous bodybuilders often take supplements with the amino acid tyrosine to reduce the production of serotonin and instead increase production of dopamine as serotonin can make you tired and tough so that you can not manage to work out as long. Most estimates, however, an extra dose of serotonin. What is the role that serotonin may play runners-high is relatively unexplored.

Runners high is easiest to run

It is faster to achieve high runners with running than walking and Nordic walking. There are many theories about this, but the principle should be that the body simply charged more, making the reward more important.

If you've got runners high before, it is much easier to get it back. Before you receive your first runners high, you may have to tear the races many months. It is easier to get the runners high, the longer you run. Speed ​​is less important.

What shoes you choose can play a role in how easily the first experience will. There seems to be a connection between the right soles of the feet and runners high, even if no one know for sure how. One theory is that blood cells are broken in the soles get endorphins to be unleashed.

Why is the pilates ball so good for you

Pilates ball was first used by a group of medical therapists from Switzerland as a support during exercise.

The Pilates ball is a large plastic ball, that you can use to train core stability and balance.

You can now find pilates balls in a variety of sizes, colors and material. currently used pilates ball very widely used as exercise equipment to strengthen the major muscles of the body.

You can do pilates exercises on ball, You can also use dumbbells or other weights when training with the ball.

These balls are also a fun toy for kids because the ball has a soft texture and usually very attractive colors. You can in good conscience let the children play with the balls because they will not cause the children any harm (do not do it near the ornamental things just).

Pilates developed specially for use in rehabilitation.
These balls train the muscles that you usually can not do with regular exercises. Your body will react instinctively to keep the balance of the round ball.

Train on the ball is good to strengthen your stomach and back (bålmusk on). It will also improve your strength, coordination, demeanor, balance and flexibility. When we move on us, we use the trunk muscles to stabilize our spine, therefore, Pilates ball can help prevent back pain and back problems. People with back pain can ease their pain by working out on pilates ball.

Tips When you exercise with pilates ball

To train core stability safely and for optimal results on pilates ball, there are some basic important principles.

Keeping a straight line through the body through all the exercises. The key areas you need to concentrate on is the neck, shoulders and pelvis. Deviations from the straight line not only reduces efficiency, it also increases the realm of pain and injuries.

To find the straight line should be relaxed, and then stretching the neck to form an extension of the spine.
Make it right so will the posture automatically changed in several ways: chin lowered slightly, neck gets a little straighter, shoulders lowered and be relaxed, pelvis is level directly under shoulders and lower abdomen pulled up slightly.

Stretch your neck

shoulders relaxed

The hips directly under shoulders


These positions should be held either standing up, sitter, lying on his back or on stomach.

A key motion they must master is to "pull in the stomach". By taking the very bottom rung of the abdomen and back up slightly, and "scoop up" on the spine, activated sharp abdominal muscle. Continue breathing normally, do not stop breathing! This activation stabilizes the trunk and allows greater strength development of arms and legs.

To find the sharp abdominal muscles you put one hand on the lower abdomen and stretches his neck as previously described. This movement automatically pulls up the lower part of the stomach and makes the body elongates and narrows the waist. Then lift it slowly one arm over your head and hold the feeling of being long, straight and narrow waist. The stomach is then pulled up some more to prevent the spine to arch. The sharp abdominal muscles allows you to move your arms and legs and still keep the spine in a safe and effective mode.

It is very important to maintain the principle to stretch out and make slimmer, especially when the exercises are developed and become more difficult. It may be tempting to use other muscles, which gives an impression of well-trained abdominal muscles, but pulls down the chest to pubic bone. Instead, hold a constant distance between the pubic bone and the sternum- I feel like the waist compressed using not sharp abdominal muscle.

It can be difficult to get in touch with the sharp abdominal muscles and, therefore, different roads to reach them necessary in the beginning. We present here more methods to further develop awareness of these muscles.

Start by lying on your back with knees bent. Breathe out properly and take before inhaling the lower abdomen back towards the spine, as if the area below the belly button pulled back and slightly upward. Hold the contraction and continue to breathe.

If you find it difficult to breathe properly, you can lay your hands on the lower ribs and ensure that when you breathe in and you raise the ribs in his hands and when you breathe out as they sink quietly back again.This should be able to do while holding remain the "withdrawal" feeling in the lower abdominal muscles.

Lie on your back or side.
Imagine tailbone pulled toward the pubic bone, and activates muscles between them.
Then draw these muscles up as if they were in the extreme lower abdominal muscles just above blygdbenet.Håll left contraction and continue to breathe.

Stand on your hands and knees, knäfyrfota, so your hands are directly under shoulders and knees directly under the hips. Focus on the very bottom rung of the abdomen and pulling up toward the spine. Hold the contraction and continue to breathe. This is a very small muscle contraction, So when it sudden abdominal muscles are activated, the rest of the body to be relaxed, ie shoulders and ribs should not feel uncomfortable and back muscles should not be tense.


Common errors

There are many common errors that reduce the movement's effectiveness.


Note that the hips are too high lift. This is because the back muscles are used instead of the tail (gluteal). When this occurs, it is often the gluteal muscles are not strong enough and therefore not properly activated or the athlete is a bad movement patterns, which has been developed for a long time.

Weakness in the tail musculature are closely linked with back pain. If it is difficult to obtain a level position, you can try to tilt the pelvis slightly backward against them until you feel your back relax and buttocks tightened.

Ten foods for faster weight loss

There are foods that can give your weight loss an extra push forward. The basic premise is that you eat a good diet and exercise regularly. We go through the 10 best foods for quick weight loss.

Weight control requires exercise and permanent changes in diet and lifestyle. The following foods can be combined with it, add extra speed to weight loss.

Hot spices increases fat burning
Cayenne pepper and other hot spices increases fat burning. The name comes from the city of Cayenne in French Guiana. Cayenne pepper is rich in red dyes, Vitamin C and B vitamins. Cayenne pepper speeds up the metabolism and fat burning.

Green tea speeds up weight loss
Green tea increases fat burning by using the small amount of caffeine found. Green tea increases the body temperature through other mechanisms. Overall, the result is that you burn more calories if you drink green tea. Green tea protects against some of the harmful effects that obesity can lead to and the stress of dieting can lead to the body.

Hoodia gordonii suppresses appetite
Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. Hoodia Gordonii is a fairly effective appetite suppressant with a long local tradition. The effect is confirmed in modern studies.

Psyllium is rich in fibers
Psyllium makes a gel in the stomach created by the water soluble fibers. The gel makes you feel fuller, helps bring cholesterol and lowers the GI value of other foods.

Fish oil helps slimming
Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids shown to facilitate weight loss. Vegetarian options are hemp- and linseed oil. Fish oil is also proven to increase muscle growth. Increased muscle mass can make weight loss easier.

A diet rich in calcium has been shown to facilitate weight loss and makes it easier to maintain weight. The calcium in dairy products can be better than vegetarian sources. Buy the leanest option.

Ginger and turmeric
Ginger and turmeric are individually good food for obesity. The increases fat loss and protects the body. To speed up the fat burning mixed 1 teaspoon each of turmeric and ginger together with yogurt and a teaspoon citric.

Yogurt, vinegar and citric Slightly acidic foods like yogurt, vinegar and citric acid means that it takes a bit longer before carbohydrate is absorbed from the intestines. These foods therefore lowers the GI value of a meal.

The Pouch trick

Imagine that you put a slice white bread in a bag with lukewarm water. After five minutes, the slice of bread transformed into a watery mess that does not look particularly appetizing.. Do the same thing with a slice of sourdough bread or whole wheat bread. After five minutes have hardly anything happened and bread plate looks almost like when you put it in the bag.

the Pouch trick is a simple illustration of what happens in the stomach. French bread that quickly dissolved has high GI, while wholemeal bread has significantly lower GI. Using påstricket you will quickly see that the mashed potatoes, they cooked snabbmakaronerna and many cereal varieties are appallingly high GI. The cooking method may also affect the GI value, paste eaten aldente, i.e. shorter cooking time than the lower GI overcooked pasta etc..

Weight loss fast tip

As described in the section Weight loss as the foundation to lose weight pretty easily. The challenge is to translate this into practice. This is where the dieter enters. A diet designed to the simple rules show what, how and when one should be eaten and through it to create an energy deficit.

Some diets will accomplish this by focusing on the hearty food, as lågkolhydratsdieter, others through regular insulin levels (t.ex. GI-cost).

It is said that all means are good except the bad, and it is precisely for this reason that this page. The idea is to present unbiased information about the most popular diets and help our visitors make the choice about what advice to suit you and your goal to lose weight.

How do you do to reduce weight?
The most important thing is to find a diet that you can stick. Some do very well on a normal calorie reduction (simply eat less for more control). Others want simple tips that you can keep in daily life.
Best, then, to perhaps test a diet, how you are doing it and then evaluate if it's right for you. Several guidelines are presented below: Dieter

Also, be prepared to try the diet for a long period. Often does not show results immediately and can train at the same time it can t.o.m. Be that weight increases (because you also build muscle).

The mirror is preferable to wave to determine whether losing weight or not. Your weight may go both up and down depending on, among other things. water levels and the percentage of stored sugar in muscles.
More secure way to determine if the diet works presented during weight track.

It should also be mentioned that how well a diet may be, it is difficult to get quick results. Often people hope to be able to lose several kilos in a week but unfortunately this is not realistic.
A frequently used numbers on how much you should lose weight is around half a kilo a week. It is possible under certain conditions, especially for obese people, to go down more, but weight loss over a kg a week is hard to cope. Some tips to quickly lose weight, see page, but changing eating habits and long-term approach is preferable to yo-yo dieting.

Read more under the heading Weight Loss for more information.